Bamboo of the Week: Video Series

Looking for a bamboo plant but not sure which species would do best in your garden? Our Bamboo of the Week video series is designed to give you basic information on some of the hundreds of bamboo species to help you make your choice! Please look through the video galleries to help you narrow down your options. This is just a selection of the species we currently have available, so be sure to give us a call if there is a specific species you have in mind! If we do not have your first choice currently in stock, there are likely other plants that will catch your eye and suit your needs. 

Clumping Bamboo

Alphonse Karr

Bambusa multiplex "Alphonse Karr"

Chinese Goddess

Bambusa multiplex riviereorum

Graceful Bamboo

Bambusa textilis gracilis

Sea Breeze

Bambusa malingensis

Striking​ Bamboo

Bambusa sp.

Asian Lemon

Bambusa eutuldoides viridivittata

Fence Post Bamboo

Bambusa gibba

Greenstripe Blowpipe 

Bambusa dolichomerithalla "Greenstripe"

Silverstripe​ Blowpipe

Bambusa dolichomerithalla

Tiny Fern

Bambusa multiplex "Tiny Fern"

Buddha's Belly

Bambusa ventricosa

Golden Goddess

Bambusa multiplex "Golden Goddess"

Punting Pole

Bambusa tuldoides

Silverstripe​ Hedge

Bambusa multiplex "Silverstripe Hedge"

Running Bamboo

Bissett's Bamboo

Phyllostachys bissetii

Humble Bamboo

Phyllostachys humilis

Stone Bamboo

Phyllostachys angusta

Black Bamboo

Phyllostachys nigra

Mahogany Rose Temple

Semiarundinaria makinoi

Striped Golden Bamboo

Phyllostachys aurea koi

Golden Golden Bamboo

Phyllostachys aurea holochrysa

Shiroshima Bamboo

Hibanobambusa tranquilans "Shiroshima"