Customer Comments

"Matt and Holly are great to work with! They're very knowledgeable about bamboo (it's all they do) and willing to share their expertise to ensure you get the right Bamboo plant for your yard or garden." - Cris Holmes 2/2021

"Hello Matt and Holly, You sent these comprehensive instructions out of the goodness of your heart. I wanted you to know that a friend and I followed them to a "T" on Oct. 15th. I am happy to report that 3 weeks later my bamboo, though sparse looking, are sprouting lots of new growth all over the plants! I am so pleased and I wanted to thank you again." - Pamela 11/2020

"Thank you. Matt was awesome! Super patient and man he knows his bamboo. He helped me choose a couple of great ones. Appreciate you both and have a great week."

- J S Rodriguez 1/2021

"Hi Matt and Holly! I wanted to let you know that our bamboo we got from you are doing wonderfully... One plant even has ten new culms (I've dubbed it the "overachiever")! They're all just lovely. Hope all is well and thank you again for the beautiful addition to our yard!" - Brittany 11/2019

"Wow - what a neat place! Hard to believe there's a bamboo specialty nursery in the heart of Tucson. There are literally dozens of varieties of bamboo - they run the gamut from running or clumping, greens, yellows, and blacks, to thin stalked or thick. The first thing Matt asked is where we live and what our plans were, then he started showing us all of the ones that would meet our needs. Matt talked in detail about all things bamboo and how to care for them in our desert climate. There were so many to choose from, but we finally decided on one that fit the bill perfectly: height, spread, growth, etc. Matt also included information on the planting and care, along with how to prepare the proper soil composition. They all come in large pots... Not only was our visit to Bamboo Ranch neat, it was also extremely educational. I highly recommend visiting Bamboo Ranch - since the bamboo nursery is on their property, they are open by appointment only, which was no problem; They were very accommodating to our schedule."

- Colleen Kokubun 2019

"Cool place to learn about Bamboo. Owners are awesome."

-Alec Gefrides 2019

"The owner was very informative, and gave a thorough tour and explained about the different types and what to expect here in arizona. He helped to debunk some thoughts I gathered from the Internet and gave me more confidence in my decision." - Jessica Tunell 2017

"Love this place. Holly was so helpful and informative, I went away with everything I needed to grow an amazing bamboo garden and then some. Thank you!" - Dennis Hubert 3/2021

"I have been working with Holly the last few days to find a plant that fits my specific need, she has been extremely helpful, going above and beyond to help me out! I'm looking forward to picking up my new plant in the next few days and getting it all settled in its new home!" - Melissa Brown 7/2020

"Love our bamboo from you guys! Still going strong and still my favorite part of our backyard!" - Puja B 3/2020

"Thanks again for your help! I always tell people about your place whenever our bamboo comes up." - Melissa P 11/2019

"Fantastic folks sharing the wonderful nature of bamboo. By appointment for a custom, personalized educational tour. Can't wait to purchase a few more varieties next trip to Tucson!" - Ahavah Israel 2019

"What a great by very nice, helpful folks. Answered all my questions and had an amazing array of bamboo. Will be returning to buy some for a windbreak for my property on the San Pedro." - Diane Lemerise 2019

"Matt and Holly have spent the last thirty years building a bamboo oasis. Both are encyclopedic about bamboo. There are many myths about planting bamboo that the bamboo ranch helped me understand so I can begin to use bamboo in landscape plans for my customers." -Jon Anderson 2015

"Holly helped me every step of the way and very enthusiastically answered all my questions in a timely fashion before I visited. I let her know what I was seeking and when I got to Bamboo Ranch she showed me a variety of options that would fit my wishes. I ended up buying 4 very healthy looking plants in a couple varieties, and just 3 weeks later they are already growing fast and on their way to establishing themselves in my yard. I was very happy with the whole experience and it was TOTALLY worth the drive from Phoenix to pick out my plants (especially because the plants they sell are older than what you can find elsewhere in central AZ)" - James Sherman 2017

"Thank you so much for the information.  I will implement your suggestions. Hand holding is not something you get at Lowe's - I am grateful for your help." - Ann

"Great bamboo plants, wonder customer service. Really the best place in Arizona to get spectacular bamboo." - b. Dillon Doyle 2017