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Call or email to arrange plant pick-up. Video tours available; in-person tours have been postponed.

The Bamboo Ranch has been growing and testing the performance of bamboos in the desert of Tucson, Arizona since 1986. We specialize in non-invasive clumping bamboos and those species of running bamboos most suited to withstand the harsh desert environment. We provide select desert grown plants, high quality, shade-cured poles, and sound advice on species, care, and site selection based on over 30 years experience.

Our Services

 Bamboo Ranch provides expert advice on selecting the best species for your garden. In-person tours have been postponed due to the pandemic; please call or email for help selecting your plants and make an appointment to pick them up. We provide detailed written instructions, which help you take the best possible care of your plants. We are currently offering the following services: 


  • Phone and email consultations with detailed advice on which plant is best for you

  • Video tours, photos or videos of plants you are interested in​

  • Plants brought to your vehicle near the street for self-loading

  • Delivery options available statewide.  

Bamboo comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors! Click through to see an example of how diverse bamboo can be. All photos featured on this site were grown here at the Bamboo Ranch in Tucson, AZ. 

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